system process freezes computer

after last update of CIS process “system” frequently freezes my computer with 100% processor load.

windows XP sp3
CIS 7.0.317799.4142

and it takes 38 minutes to reboot :o

Me too. Also on XP Over about a months time the computer became painfully slow, and ultimately effectively non-functional.

Apparently Application Behaviour Analysis has the same effect on computers that Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has on humans. In the case of some computers or some humans it completely shuts them down.

This is addressed in

from Mike112233:

Open Comodo Firewall, select the Security tab, select Advanced, select Configure... in the Application Behaviour Analysis, (click on Help to read the info if you want to know more about what you are disabling), uncheck Enable Application Behaviour Analysis, click OK........ no more slow PC!!

I hadn’t tried it yet. Comodo did a very good job of cleanly removing itself and suddenly the computer actually works. The computer still is slow to boot but much faster than before. Right now I am running Windows Firewall and looking for other issues. I had been planning to switch to the well-known 3-p firewall but except for this failure, Comodo has been well-behaved.

The fact that we are both running XP suggests that there is another process that is causing these problems, and either Comodo Internet Security or CIS’s ABA is clashing with it. I’m running Avast AV, but I don’t know if that is the source of the problem or maybe something else. If Comodo works well with the above fix, then it may be possible to diagnose the problem.

tasklist (with CIS removed) revealed 2 instances of wuauclt.exe (part of Windows “Automatic Updates”). The computer was still subject to some lags with CIS removed, but was usable. The “Automatic Updates” menu was greyed out, but I was able to access it with services.msc and switched “Automatic Updates” to manual. (The update service is terminated by Microsoft anyway, so I could have “disabled” it.) That seemed to free-up the computer and the computer is again fast.

Other information: I should also note that during cleanup, I found Windows Firewall was running while CIS was installed and running (but don’t know for how long). I have a SSD in this old Sony mini-laptop, so the speed differences are very noticeable.

My best guess is that CIS was interacting with other processes on the computer. “What’s my computer doing” (a program similar to tasklist) showed ambiguous results, as did ProcessExplorer. The Tasklist output ultimately disclosed the Windows “Automatic Updater” with high CPU use on one instance of it.

I will probably continue with Windows Firewall for a short while until I am sure the problem is sorted out with my computer and by others on this forum. Comodo is a great product and I will switch back to it instead of going with the other well-known firewall.

But I don’t know whether this computer will accept all of ABA. I guess if ABA shuts down people, it can shut down computers (:

Oh… Thank you Comodo for having an effective and efficient removal tool. It’s a sort of last part of reliability. I’m not purchasing for the home, but that’s the sort of thing that leads people to recommend Comodo, I think. But it was also appreciated when that step almost took care of itself. Meanwhile, I’m expecting to eventually reinstall CIS.

Please try reinstalling by following the advice I give here:

and let me know if the problem continues even after reinstalling.


Was reinstalling able to solve this issue?

At this time, as there has been no reply, I am going to assume that reinstalling by following the methods I advise was able to solve this issue. Therefore, I will move this report to Resolved.

However, if reinstalling was not able to solve this issue please let me know and I can move this back to the main bug reporting board for continued processing.

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