System Optimizer


I would like to see Comodo develop a system Optimizer that could delete junk files, clean and defragment registry, defragment your hard drive and permanently erase files.

Yes! It would be a great idea if Comodo released a system optimizer. Iwould love to see something similar to windows OneCare , where Comodo would take care of all the headaches related to scanning for viruses ,updating, spyware scanning and updating the program, backing up files etc… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

It should also include checksumming and verification of system restore points, as these are now being used to hide malware. Bastards!

Ewen :slight_smile:

No not like Windows One Care. I ment something like Tune-Up Utilities 2006

Panic yes I agree something to verify that these are legitimate backups not ones created by malware. So Comodo would have to add something like a small scanner to scan these files. Or if could tell us who or what made the system restore point so we can verify ourselves if it is valid or not.

Could be nice… :slight_smile:

Personally I don’t like system optimizers and registry cleaners.
On the long run they give more troublems than the problems they solve. These programs can mess up a lot the windows operating systems
(for understanding better try to install three of them and then try to do a registry clean; most probably each of them will find a lot of errors that the others don’t → conclusion they are not reliable! ::))

As this may be with un reliable cleaners this is why good cleaners will make backups to undo the changes.

Justin the only really reliable feature off the cleaners is to delete shorcuts of deleted files.

  1. All the other features are not reliable! And anyone can easely realise it by himself if uses any of these programs on a dualboot windows system. On the long run they will mess up everything.

  2. Even with a backup feauture they are not secure. Because even if you make a backup, and lets say after a week you update some programs on your OS, when you restore the backup safe point, this last one, will probabbly mess up your updates. That is why I don’t like these programs.

  3. The above reasons, from my point of view, made microsoft to discontinue their own registry cleaner that they had released for windows 95,98 and NT. If the OS developers (who are the only ones who know the secrets of the windows engine) couldn’t solve such problems it is very impropably that other programmers can succed on this. :wink:

Microsoft have a registry clreaner in their Windows Live Safety Center:
(see Clean Up section)


PS I like the idea of a system optimizer they can be useful.

How I understand this may seem to be a bad idea to have a System Optimizer from Comodo I think you guys are looking at the bowl half empty. Those who would not want the registry that would come with it if Comodo made this program would not half to use it, but could use the other things such as Permantly delete files, free up system space, and defragment your hard drive. Also maybe Comodo could put in a scheduler so it can do all of this at a certain time, instead of your own. Anyways it is just an idea, I doubt Comodo will make a program like this, or if they do that it will be anytime soon. :frowning:



If the system optimizer is fully configurable (to let users exlude the options they don’t like) and has an integrated a startup organizer (like the one MetaProducts Corp. has developed) I would like to see it as the next program to be developed by Comodo.
PS Even if I don’t like such programs, I can see that they can be usefull to a lot of users. I don’t like them but not hate them either ;D. (I just prefer to do such tasks manually)

Well of course it would have options where you may do everything on your own time, but would also have a schedular.