System Mechanic

System Mechanic Professional 7 is suppose to be a one stop system maintaining software package; But unfortunately it has several flaws, Their Firewall sucks it has so many flaws it can’t stop a simple attack let alone a major one. That’s why I got COMODO Firewall Pro and not had a problem since. Also I use CCleaner v 2.01 over their registry maintaining software. But their Package is not all bad; the Incinerator, DriveScrubber 3, Search and Recover 4 and Memory Manager work OK. Also the System Guard; after some tweaks works pretty good. But I feel if COMODO group put their minds to creating a one stop system program it would be a Totally Bullet Proof System!!! (B)

System Mechanic 6 was a good product in some ways.After that they got lost.It did indeed become dangerous.It went in to the system way to deep and was almost impossible to remove.Comodo is the bomb for security,would hate to see them not concentrate at what they do best. There are plenty of free programs on the net that work for the other things needed to keep your computer in tip top shape.AMS fastdefrag2 comes to mind,winaso trial version fixes registry forever ten problems at a time, but hey if Comodo built it I would try it. That was a great suggestion.

This might be an old post I am responding to, (and no disrespect to Comodo,) but Quwen is quite correct as this is a function of maintenance, not security. If I may suggest, Tuneup Utilities 2008 (found at by Tuneup Software GmbH is the product being requested here. It is not free, but it is superb at what it can do. No, I do not work for them, but I do highly recommend it as a utility-based program. Issues of security from any (deleted) files can be addressed with their Tuneup Shredder module, which uses the DoD 5220.2-M method of file destruction. Registry cleanup and optimization is part of the system, as is a complete Windows makeover (Styler). This software has helped me many times.
I would hope this fully closes this issue so that Comodo may continue doing what they do best - Security.