System Mechanic

give us a product that can beat system mechanic. with a good disk cleaner lik r wipe and clean. That would b just great!

Thanks for the comments/suggestions, Damitha.

Can you provide some details regarding what exactly you like about System Mechanic, and what (in your mind) would “beat” it?


I do not see how this can be considered “Computer Security”… it’s more like maintenance.

This topic title does not hint that the product is to be security-based, so Damitha’s request is valid.

On a side-note, CCleaner has actually wiped out some bad html and temp files on my system, so it is vaguely a security product. ;D

Hi all,

Well Best way to beat 'em make it free… who wants to pay when u can hav it for free! :slight_smile:
Or at least u can give it for a lesser amount of money :frowning: he he…

And another way i think is to integrate some of the features in “Everest Ultimate Edition”. Although Sys Mech has a feature like that, it doesn’t provide all the details…

And a disk partitioner like “Partition magic” can be integrated as well. Then it would be the ultimate system tweak and care product.

Hope u guys would seriously consider this!!!


Yes, how about an OS? Not GNU, but built from scratch? That would be awesome

Sorry, i tease some times (:LGH)

If you make a completely safe OS that isn’t stuck in compatibility hell, I’ll give you a doggy bone. ;D

Just one? Shoot, I’ll double that and give you two… plus a liver treat! ;D


I see your two doggy bones and liver treat and raise you one pigs ear and an alpha version of CFPV3 that I swiped off the underground sites!

Be jealous, LM, be very jealous.

Hey! >:( If you two want to barter with livers and goats, do it somewhere else. :stuck_out_tongue: ;D. This is about Damitha’s invention idea adopted from System Mechanic.

My apologies to all. Consider me slapped with a wet trout. :-[

Q’s yankin’ my chain anyway. Only egemen has the alpha version of v3…

LM out…

You’d be amazed what you can find if there’s a company leak and you have no ethics.

yeah. how about one with a reg cleaner that is more stable and more specific to the user what he/she wants cleaned and doesn’t want cleaned


I used system mechanic pro before & it was a very dangerous product. Have to format my hardisk & reinstall windows xp cos it screw up everything. Also happened to 2 of my friends computer. It’s really like the ultimate trojan to me cos no trojan can destroy windows like that. (:AGY)

I have a vague memory of System Mechanic giving me problems as well. It didn’t really crash my system, but it did go deep - causing things I couldn’t really manage, so I decided to reinstall Windows (at least twice) to get rid of it.

Now I’ve found better ways to tweak XP the way I want. Except for several manual tweaks, I’ve tried Tweknow Powerpack, which is quite OK. I like the interface.


Cleaning the registry with automated tools is always a risk. Choose those that can backup, and provide the best information about what you’re cleaning. I prefer other tools.
IMO, in Windows, one should use ZSoft Uninstaller (freeware) to analyze installations - even if they require reboot, you open ZSoft after, and select to finish the task; it will spot all changes made to the system - and when you want to uninstall, it will clean almost everything and as safe as i can think.

Another utility of GREAT use is ERUNT, that allows you to backup the whole registry, and restore backups when you want. You can also set it to backup on every boot (does not slow the boot process in a visible way). It stores backups with the date on the name of backup folders, so it’s easy to find (in manual backup you can choose a name too). Everything you need to know about it is in the readme (easy to read). One imediate use is when you try a program and uninstall it right after. Backup before, and restore it after - the registry is unchanged.
It also comes with another good tool, NTREGOPT, that compacts the registry (add PageDefrag from SysInternals to defrag it besides other things, and you’re set for registry maintenance).

Hope this helps someone.

Thanks, I’ll consider PageDefrag, otherwise I’m fine with my programs and routines. Remember JkDefrag you once suggested? I use it on demand now, really like it. :slight_smile:


Nice :slight_smile:
About PageDefrag: it will assist JKDefrag in defragging what is locked by the OS while it’s running. You run it, then reboot, and before Windows kicks in, PageDefrag does the work. It’s fast don’t worry.

One of the limitations of the Windows NT/2000 defragmentation interface is that it is not possible to defragment files that are open for exclusive access. Thus, standard defragmentation programs can neither show you how fragmented your paging files or Registry hives are, nor defragment them. Paging and Registry file fragmentation can be one of the leading causes of performance degradation related to file fragmentation in a system.
From SysInternals.

I use those 3: PageDefrag, JKDefrag and NTREGOPT.
Then ERUNT backs up the registry every boot. ZSoft will help keeping it clean from all those installs and uninstalls (provided you remember to analyze the installs). I uninstall with the normal uninstaller that comes with the apps, then run Zsoft to remove what got left behind.
IMPORTANT NOTE: be sure to confirm every delete; that’s the default option. Example: i use EULAlyzer to analyse EULA’s, and save the EULA’s. That counts as a change, so be sure to confirm every item.

Yes, but some official uninstallers from a program sometimes adds files/registry keys after its completed its task (I call them sneaky programs). If you want to be safe, you should also run Zsoft with the pre-image before running their uninstaller, then open the list of changes and manually delete the added crap.

Ok, this is straying off from System Mechanic, so let’s not dwell any further into other programs.

Sorry Soya, point taken.