System is trying to receive a connection from the internet

Hey guys!

I’m new user for Comodo, so i don’t know many about it.

I’ve already read some threads on this forum about Firewall, but still i have another problem.

System is trying to receive a connection from the Internet, but it’s not my local ip or something like that.

Please take a look:

p.s great forum. I like it!

I forgot to write…

I’m using Free Public Wi-Fi Hotspot…

You should try going to the “free Public Wi-Fi Hotspot” is never going to be your “local” internet…

If you want to secure your Wi Fi try WiFi Security | Wi-Fi Protection to Secure Your Wireless Network it maybe useful

Welcome to the Forums, shavi.meraba.

Second, you also haven’t listed the IP in question. What does the firewall logs show? Source IP, port? It may be the local network attempting to connect to services.
Just saying some unknown is trying to connect doesn’t give us much to help you with.

Yes the more info you can give us there better ;D