System is slow when auto update starts

windows xp pro SP2 with office 2007

Whole system runs slow when comodo does it’s auto update. outlook cannot be navigated and cannot write in a word doc untill the update has finished.

any ideas


Welcome to the forum gazza.

What is your hardware configuration and can you tell me what kind of internet connection you have?

i have a dell system with 4gb ram with 2 1tb hard drives.
if i turn off the auto virus uodates then the system boots fine with no slowdown. i have also been looking at the other topic and see i am not the only 1 with this prblem. my problem only started when i updated to your latest version. should i first uninstall comodo and then do a fresh clean install of the latest version, would this help


Try making the pagefile an exluded file for the av. It can be typically found under c:\pagefile.sys.

I have a spare hard drive that I update every two weeks. When I boot it up, I get similar problems with system speed until the AV database completes its updating. After that, everything returns to normal. I tried excluding pagefile.sys (which is on my D drive) as you recommended and I don’t notice any change in behavior.

Here’s what I’ve been doing to speed up the AV database update. I copy the bases.cav file (in the scanners folder) from my regular drive to my D drive. When I boot up the spare drive, I copy that bases.cav file into the repair folder in the CIS program directory. I rename bases.cav in the scanners folder to basesold.cav. I reboot the system. After reboot, I run the diagnostics in CIS and let it repair the “missing” bases.cav file with my copied one. I then delete basesold.cav.

The trick with excluding the pagefile is for system with older hardware running 512 MB or less of RAM.

I can’t seem to figure out how your method works. Do you have an idea. The only thing that comes to mind is it may be less fragmented after copying…

The only thing I can figure is, it replaces the 2 week old bases file with the current one. At least that’s what I was going for.