System hung and destroyed by forced power-off; Windows reinstall needed

:frowning: I attempted to start the Comodo interface to disable its ill-conceived HIPS “feature” which was busy displaying 6751263689248712894123 popups about known applications modifying files and connecting to the internet like they’re supposed to. Same messages over and over; “Remember my answer” didn’t. The computer hung completely for over 30 minutes and had to be forcibly powered off. When I restarted, the system was hosed: blank desktop with no icons or taskbar. Now I’m reinstalling Windows. Please give us an option to turn HIPS off by default when installing Comodo Firewall.

I’m sorry to hear you’re system went haywire.

Did you change the default HIPS setting to Paranoid or did it happen without changing settings?

With hindsight booting into Safe Mode could have helped you. Even though the underwater processes don’t start you can start the GUI and make changes in settings and remove rules that were made in the process. After that you could have tried booting back into Windows again. Or you could have run the clean up tool in Safe Mode to uninstall CIS.