System hanging

Okay. I daily perform a check of my image collection to see what are the duplicates.
Ever since the beginning of this year, however one of the 3 programs i use to check for duplicates has been hanging my system if i try and use any browser while it is checking. Since the image collection is about 160000 images and it takes around 8 hours to check… that is distressing.
I’ve been trying to see what is that was locking my system for nearly one year.
It… seems it was your antivirus.
Could you guys check what this is doing:

that in conjunction with your antivirus:

  1. completely freezes my system while checking my collection routinely every few seconds for a few seconds, unless i send it to be a background task.
  2. completely freezes my system while checking my collection for several seconds if i try and run any web browser or if i open or close tabs on said browsers.
  3. completely freezes my system for up to a full minute if i dare do such a thing as close a web browser.
    I’d like to understand if the program is doing something which the program believes or perceives as illegal, or if i’m getting my [CENSORED] saved by your program, which, however, tells me nothing about how it is saving me.

Add application to scan exclusions > excluded applications.

I tried but it does nothing.

I’m an idiot. i had excluded it as a file path, not as an application, will try it later, thanks