System getting hosed if weekly scan Paused

After pausing the weekly scan, my PC steadily degrades to the point of being unusable. Google gadgets start crashing, Chrome extensions, etc, and it takes increasingly long to get things done. Task Manager does not indicate any excessive CPU or memory consumption.

Pressing Resume on the scan dialog does not appear to do anything and ultimately things get so hosed that it takes a very long time even to shut down.

I’d be curious to know if killing cfp.exe would indeed prevent this problem but I get “Access is denied”, of course, attempting to kill the process from Task Manager. After shutting down and restarting, everything is working fine again although the scheduled scan does not run.

This is for free version 4.1.150349.920 on Windows XP+SP3 with all the latest maintenance on a Thinkpad T60p with all the latest maintenance.

Any help greatly appreciated.