System freezes for 3 seconds when I click the Windows Start menu button [HELP]

I am re-creating this thread because an irresponsible moderator asked me a question in the thread and then locked it so I could not answer.

The question I was not allowed to answer: “Does this behavior happen only after answering a Comodo alert?”

My answer: “No. I answered no alerts before that.”

Also, the topic the moderator linked to has apparently nothing to do with the issue I am reporting. It only occurs when I try to open the Windows Start menu. Almost every time.

My issue has nothing to do with NOD32 either (as suggested in the linked thread). I’ve used NOD32 for years without the problem. As soon as I installed COMODO, the problem started to appear.

So please do NOT lock this topic (and especially do not lock a topic after you ask a question in it!). Thanks.

— The original issue —

Windows XP SP2 32-bit
CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 (AMD64 capable)
Firewall Mode: Custom Policy
Firewall Alert Frequency Level: Very High
Defense+ Mode: Paranoid
Antivirus: ESET NOD32 2.7 (real-time scanning with advanced heuristics enabled)
Admin rights: yes

Just click the Start button in order to open the Windows Start menu. Instead of loading something from disk, the system just freezes for 3 seconds before the menu opens. This happens approx. 1 in 2 attempts.

Hi secmonk,

Again. Sorry for any inconvenience, But I will make sure your topics don’t get locked now :wink:

First off all, Please download & update to the latest CFP version here

Do you still have problems after this new update?