System freeze if CFP message on idle system

Hi all,

I searched this forum extensively but have not found a thread similar to my problem.

My system freezes due to Comodo under very special conditions:

  1. System (Windows XP) in idle state (i.e. screensaver on after some 10+ minutes)
  2. Antivirus is updating during this time (Avast! v4.7)
  3. Comodo pop-up asking for action

When I come back to my computer, I can

  1. re-animate computer (i.e. screensaver disappears)
  2. sometimes still access open windows (i.e. firefox, win explorer etc.), but NOT actually work: no typing possible
  3. impossible to close comodo window, i.e. cofirm/deny any action.

After some more seconds (the more frantic you try to click around the faster…) the whole system freezes. Rien ne va plus, not even task manager (Alt-Ctrl-Del), only system reboot via emergency button.
Comodo log shows no entry for this whole episode!

I think it strange that Comodo asks me time and again about Avast. I have defined it several times as “Trusted application”, but still during some special updates (maybe program updates?), Comodo kicks in and asks me again about this “Unknown application”.
Everything goes well if I sit in front of the comp and can answer immediately, but if I am not present, the system freezes as descibed above.

My questions are thus:
a) Has anybody exprienced similar problems during system idle time?
b) with avast antivirus or any other application?
c) Is it normal that Comodo asks time and again for antivirus updates, even if you define your AV as trusted app?

Thans for any help here!

Additional info on my config:
Windows XP SP2, latest security updates,
Firewall: Comodo v3.0.16.295, Win firewall disabled (well, how comes…)
Antivirus: Avast! v4.7.1098 (Built Dec2007)

Computer newly set-up in early Jan 2008, no virus, spyware etc. since detected on system.

I had similar problems with one of my apps without any “system idle time”: alert was shown and i could not answer alert, task manager didn’t reply, system freezed etc.
Only workaround i found in that case was to set up rules manually (without waiting for alert).

Make sure Comodo asks each time about same executable. Anyway go to “network security policy” and/or “computer security policy” and check if there are same entries for one executable.

Which avast! programs have you trusted ? You need avast.setup as well as the exes.