system.exe taking 99% of my cpu [RESOLVED]

i have a computer build in 2002. it was working good but since this week the processes system.exe is taking 99% of my cpu and it make the computer vary laggy. I can’t use it cause of that, it hapen most of the time when i trensfer data. i asken and look on other forum and they told me that it can be my motherbord or/and my hard drive that is getting old.

i am using the last versoin of comodo firewall

motherbord: asus p4p800 se
processor: intel pentium 4 2,40 GHz
os xp 32-bit 2002 sp 3
sound card: motherbord build-in sound bord
graphic card: ati radeon 9550

fisrt i am not a nuby
two i sayd system.exe not system iddle processus

sorry i didn’t take the time to config my account on the forum

in that case you may want to look at this what you might have is a spyware as i don’t find a system.exe on my windows at all. sorry about before as that is the only system in my task list so that is what i assumed you meant.

you need to click on show processus from all user to see it in taskmanager

Is this a new file from XP Service Pack 3 ??? I don’t have system.exe on my PC nor do I ever recall seeing it. The only file that comes close is just system (without an extension and the path is C:\WINDOWS\system32\config).

nope it’s not a new file from sp3 as i don’t have it ether i think it is that virus i pointed to the link to but thats just my guess.

Try having a look under Defence+/View active process list,to see if you have system as well as system.exe
If you do have system.exe right click on it and choose “Show full path”

i found it… trojan, virus and root-kit

i needed to pass many scan from lot of anti malware

and specific tools to remove some of them also do it by hand

ps. the pc is not my personal pc it is the family pc

so it’s all good now?

we can mark this as resolved?

yes you can close it

and like i said before comodo is not the best to scan for verus trojant and… on your computer