System exe produces defense+ alert everytime after log in or before shutting dow

Lately I’ve been getting annoying defense+ pop up from System.exe.

CIS claims it is unrecoqnized and I’m afraid that it might be a virus. Sometimes some programs just won’t run until this pop ups shos up and be allowed.

Sometimes my browser bookmark is showing as if I were running it through admin account while the fact that I’m running it in standard account(the bookmark is different).

Anyway should I allow and trust this System.exe, make it windows application? Or block it and scan my whole drive?

How to get rid of it if it is a virus or a malware?

You can submit the system.exe file to Virustotal and see how it gets rated.

Additionally you can look up the properties of the file and see if it tells something about its makers.

I can’t find the file Vista indexing is turned off and I can’t seem to turn it back on for some reason probably because of my use of IO Bit advanced System care Pro which might have disabled Vista indexing.

anyway I went to safe mod empty the recycle bin there(It was supposed to be empty) and the System.exe was no longer listed in defense+.

It’s still however listed in firewall policy. It always has

But my lag was gone

Btw sometimes explorer.exe is listed in my firewall policy to require connection to outside(outbound conenction). It’s weird but does explorer.exe require outbound connection from tiem to time?

You can use the Purge button in the Network Security Policy → Applications list. When system.exe is no more existing it will be flagged it can be removed. You can also manually remove the rule.

As for explorer.exe. Is it set to outgoing only? That may be handy for accessing your local router or network shares.