System Defend Total Security 2011 v2.0 - rouge


Your concern has a point, no question about it,
because rogues are & will sneak through CIS (see many requests)
Current implementation of the so called “sandbox” & (separately) Defense+ cannot help.

Therefore the special dedicated thread similar to the one I referred to would be beneficial indeed…
but again (sorry for the repetition) - the subjective judgments most likely cannot be considered as a solution


I wonder what languy99 would say.

Someone in the Avast said “not first time puts rogue-like nonsense on Cnet.”

So my instinct seems to be quite right.


Interesting readings , Valentin

Instincts & reflexes are powerful stuff ;D as Ivan Pavlov proved (he got a Nobel Prize for that)
… but still … it would be better if Comodo establishes something similar to Emsisoft in order to raise awareness re: proven rogues


for me it’s enough to see that avast and comodo AV tell me that’s a rouge.

What more do I need?

I am sorry if I am bothering you :frowning: