System Crashing From Application in Fully Virtual Sandbox

Hi everyone. I wanted to test the new Advanced System Care 6.1, so it installed it in the fully virtualized sandbox. When it got to the registry fix part of its checkup I got BSOD. I tested this twice and the same thing happened. My question is, why did something in the sandbox affect the stability of the real system. The Comodo help file for CIS 6 says applications in the Kiosk should not affect stability on the real system. I hope in did not find a hole in the Kiosk. Can someone please clarify this for me? I attached the CIS 6 diagnostics report if it helps.

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I created a bug report for it here. It would be helpful if you could respond to my post and add any information which you believe to be relevant. A MiniDump file and general information about your system would probably be most useful.

Thanks for bringing this problem to our attention.

Hi Chiron. Do you think that the computer might have crashed because of Comodo handles registry virtualization? Just wondering if this is the reason. Just one last question. Do you think the CIS full virtualization sandbox is secure? Thanks for any clarification.

I’m not sure why it crashed. It could be because of registry virtualization or something else. Sorry, I really don’t have a good guess. ???

Also, I would not entirely trust the FV sandbox. My topic here shows how it’s possible for an application running inside it to leak data through the browser without triggering a firewall alert. Couple that with the issue noted in this topic which shows that applications running as FV can log data from the actual computer, and you have what I would consider to be a potential vulnerability.

Hopefully these will be fixed within the next few updates.

These problems are a little concerning. I guess the FV sandbox is pretty new so Comodo still has not had a lot of time to work on it. I am sure Comodo will fix these problems in the future. Thanks for the quick reply.