System crashes or becomes slow after installing Comodo FW


I’ve recently installed Comodo FW (not AV) as I heard it was better than Zone Alarm. I didn’t uninstall ZA because I didn’t want to lose my logs (which included some possibly suspicious activity) and because I wanted to make sure Comodo worked first. However, I did shut it down and only ran Comodo.

After working OK initially, my system froze totally - couldn’t open Task Manager or move the cursor or anything - and I had to do a force shut down and restart. This happened numerous times in a row, sometimes after opening a program like Firefox and sometimes right after startup, before doing anything. Turning off the wireless switch before restarting prevented it it happening. A while later I went back online and it was OK for a few hours but now the system periodically goes slow, windows refuse to close, etc., though the non-active windows can still be used and the cursor is fine.

Any solutions?


Welcome to the Forum, SpaceCase

Try removing ZA. I think there is a conflict here.

The Comodo installer actually gives you a warning (and you must click a button to proceed) that it is not compatible with ZA.

thanks, that worked, but i thought it would be ok if I shut down ZA rather than totally uninstalling it