I have Toshiba satellite A205 laptop with windows vista home premium
The problem is when i press FN key after installing Comodo Firewall 3, blue screen appears and system reboots after an error message
other than that firewall is awesome
what can I do to prevent this ??

Does it just happen when you press Fn?
Sorry the question, but, why did you press Fn after installing the firewall?

Could the reason for the Blue Screen be any incompatible software you got installed on you system?

thank you so much for your reply

by pressing FN key a toolbar appears by which i can control brigtness , wireless on/off, etc

now anytime when i press FN, the system reboots after displaying error message

even if FN is pressed by mistake, the system crashes down

now i have uninstalled comodo firewall and everything is back to normal, though i want to use comodo but it doesnt seem to be compatible with my system, i guess !

Have you tried putting the firewall and D+ in training mode for a week or so? If you looked at your logs it could have lead you to the problem of which program is being blocked.

I spoke to a relative and she has a laptop with Comodo Firewall Pro 3 with Defense+ set to Safe Mode and she never had problems when pressing the Fn key.

Like Vettetech mentioned, perhaps Defense+ was blocking some important process/processes, hence the system crashing.

You could try to install the firewall again, but this time without Defense+, and then see if the crashes still happen. If they don’t, then Defense+ was indeed blocking something. This is what I would do. It is all a matter of testing things, actually.