System crash when the slider does not come up [Resolved]

Hi guys

Happened MANY times - computer freezes in that it can’t open or close any windows (including CIS), takes a long time to log off and stays stuck there - or goes black screen. Only resource is forced shutdown.

In the last 24 hrs has done it probably 20 times and it’s getting on my nerves. Had version 5.x and I would gladly go back IF I had the installation file.

Ver. 6.0.264710.2708 Database 15688

1 yr old ASUS i7, 12 GB RAM, and 480 GB SSD. This one boots in 15 seconds and shuts down below 10, and before the update I never had issues. Please help

At best - can this be fixed?

At worst - can anyone post a link to the latest previous version till this one gets debugged please? Thanks

Please try reinstalling CIS by following the advice I provide in this topic. If this does not solve the problem then please let us know and we’ll try some other approaches.

Thanks, they also recommended the below - worked very well


Thank you for contacting COMODO.

It seems your Comodo Internet Security has been corrupted. I would suggest you to uninstall the Comodo Internet Security and use the below removal tool and make a fresh installation of it as that should fix the issue.

You can use the removal tool directly in case the uninstallation not works.

Turned out to be a help issue so moving there for archiving

Best wishes