System crash after last update

Last night my new, 2 month old Sony Vaio, Win7 (64 ultimate) did an auto update of CIS. Following the update reboot, the system began running extremely slow, so I rebooted and was prompted with “One of your disks needs to be run for consistency”… Disk check ran for 7 hours before I turned it off… “File segment xxx is unreadable” for one segment after the other!

I can skip disk check and login to the laptop, but once in, practically every action I try ‘hangs’.

Yesterday I was editing videos, today I cannot even remove a program. The only difference… a CIS update.

Looks like a factory reset & loss of data as I have so far been unable to find a way to successfully back up the data.

Any one else hit with this?

When in the boot process after the update did you decide to reboot? Did you use the reset or power button for this? What disk needed to be checked? The one with Comodo installed on it? I assume Comodo is installed on your system partition. Is that a correct assumption?

If you enabled Block all unknown requests if the application is closed please disable it. When booting is a problem you can boot into Windows Safe Mode and change the setting there.

Not sure what is going on but I would like to suggest to export your active configuration from More → Manange My Configurations. When needed do this in Windows Safe Mode. This is for the situation we might want to decide to uninstall CIS completely.

Please take a look at Unrecognised Files. When you find files there you know and trust select them and move them to Trusted Files and reboot the computer. Files may be run sandboxed and this should help to change that.

What happens when you try to remove a program? Can you describe what happens for each individual program you try to uninstall?