System could not be recognized?

I’ve been running the latest CIS beta since it was released.
Everything ran normally until I switched the D+ setting to ‘paranoid’ and then after about an hour I set it back to ‘safe’ - which is where I usually leave it.

However, I noticed that as I powered off my computer, D+ popped up just as the power shut down.
The next day when I powered up, D+ popped up saying that it didn’t recognize ‘System’
see screen caps below.

It happens at least once a day - (I don’t select the ‘remember’ box)

I’m assuming this is a false-positive or bug.

What do you guys think?

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Do you have Windows Live Messenger installed?


You are still running the beta? You might want to update to the public release.

Sorry, it’s this version…

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If you didn’t know SQM - Service Quality Monitoring - files are part of Microsoft’s Customer Experience program and are typically generated when one has chose to ‘opt-in’ to the program, either via Windows 7 or one of the ‘Live’ products. If you haven’t chosen to part of this program, it might be worth while finding out why the log files are being generated.