System continually restarts with Firewall Updated

I’ve had a strange problem with Comodo Firewall for some time now. I’ve been running it successfully on my PC for nearly a year now. However when I updated it to the latest version in mid-December, my PC just suddenly restarts every few hours without warning. If I restore my PC back to before I updated the firewall, it is fine - no sudden restarts. Then if, after a few days, I allow the firewall to update, my PC starts misbehaving again. Once again I need to use System Restore to revert to my previous configuration. I’ve been unable to see anything specific in Event Viewer that indicates what is causing the problem.

Has anybody else encountered this,or can anybody suggest what I can do to resolve the issue (Other than to remain at the previous version of Comodo Firewall).

Many thanks

Hello Plusman,

Can you please verify if you have a windows memory or mini-memory dump ?
C:\windows\memory.dmp or C:\windows\minidump* ?

What exact version’s of CFP/CIS are we talking about ?
What’s your os version/language 32 or 64 bits ?

Do you have any other “security” software installed ?


  • I have a number of minidump files in the folder. (I am not sure how to read them).
  • I have just uninstalled and reinstalled CIS (Firewall and Defence+ only, not AV) with the latest version which I downloaded from the site this morning. It is version 3.5.57173.439. It is too early to say if this has had any benefit. My PC was previously stable with the version that I updated before December 2008. (It has been unstable since I updated this in mid-Dec and hence had to use System Restore to revert).
  • I am using Avast AntiVirus. I originally installed this at the time I originally installed Comodo Firewall (ca. March 2008) and both have seemed to coexist OK without problems. I also use Comodo Verification Engine on my browsers.
  • I am using XP Home, SP3, 32-bit, with all security updates installed.

I am only getting the problem on one of my PC’s. My other PC/laptop also running Comodo Firewall/Avast and are not exhibiting this problem.

Uninstalling and then reinstalling the firewall makes no difference. I still get my PC rebooting without notice after a few hours use.

Do you have mini-dumps with today’s file stamps ?


Yes - they seem to be at around the times my PC suddenly restarted.

I have once again restored my PC back to before I recently updated the Firewall (and before I tried the uninstall/reinstall). I can’t say what version it is as the “Product Version” information is blank. Previously this has given me a stable system.

can you send me the minidump by email or post it here on the forum:


Can you PM me your email address so I can forward the minidump.

Many Thanks


Minidump files sent by email.

Thanks for your help.