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Hello i use my notebook to copy files from this computer so when i’m trying to access to this machine i receive a popup “System trying to receive a connection from the internet” from my router, i assume that this ip is from my notebook. My question is what should i choose so it doen’t popup every time i’m trying to access to this computer, it is safe to set “remember my answer” to system? Or should i create a New Network Zone with this ip, how it should be? HELP :-\

If ‘Enable automatic detection of private networks’ was check, as is the default, it should have asked you whether your network was ‘public’ or ‘home’ and made the network zones and rules necessary.

Selecting ‘Home’ will result in similar rules being created (see attached)

Note: You may have to edit the Network zone to include the default gateway, i.e. router’s ip in the range, as the automatic rule generally starts at the ip of the installed pc. Ex: pc’s ip, where the given router’s ip is, would result in the network zone of, editing the zone to be inclusive of the router would be, will allow all traffic to and from the router as well as all connected devices.

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It’s not too late to enable automatic detection of private networks? It should create a home ruleset with the ISP and router ip’s?

In theory yes, but it may require restarting the computer due to how CIS manages rules per sessions.