system cleaner problem

i have just installed system cleaner 2.2.126408.3
once i ran it it asked me to reboot this i did and it then came up and made a backup before deleting the errors
now when i browse or run more than 1 program the screen freezez and i sometimes get the blue screen of death on rebooting the ms error report says this is due to bad drivers or hardware
i have had the system running for many years without a problem.
i have restored back using comodo sytem cleaner but without any success
can you help please


   Please give us more details about your computer: system configuration and if you have an antivirus installed.

windows xp 32 bit sp3 fully updatd
seems to happen if i let the pc sit or run it i get crash after a few mins when opening another thing
first when i close window old window stays there in part and if i open another it only half loads then it goes to blue screen with sys dump lasts for 2 to 4 seconds then reboots

see error below after reboot

i have resored windows back to before i installed cleaner and it seems to be working fine again

Lucky you! I like many others had to reinstall. Thus I don’t use it anymore.

re ran it again checking only one box at a time after restore to find where the error happend and it ran fine fixing 1000 errors now running without a problem maybe it was running it for the first time and checking all the boxes was to much
items run checking one box at a time on last run all boxes below where checked

[quote][Startup locations run ok no problem
Applications path run ok no problems
Shared DLL run ok no problems
Font locations run ok no problems
Uninstall locations run ok no problems
File extensions run ok no problems
Com activex run ok no problems
Help location run ok no problems
Shared folders run ok no problems
software run ok no problems
system services run ok no problem/quote]

so i have no idea why i got the problem the first time my advise is make a windows restore point before installing software and run it checking one box at a time

been playing for a few hours and it looks realy good lots of system info
removed some programs i did not want
going to read the manual in depth
will it work on windows 7
great job guys another fine product :-TU :comodo110:

wow just did another full scan it found 3 things in the menue order and when i rebooted it went bad again
had to use windows restore point again

If you have time for it, please let our QA trace the problem on your machine.


Can you please tell us what security software do you currently have installed on your pc?

Also, please try to ‘clean install’ CSC: this means that you have to uninstall CSC and go to Program Files and check for any leftover files, manually delete them and install CSC again. (Before deleting, temporarily move the backups created to another location so you won’t lose them).

Thank you.

i have comodo installed

Did you mean CIS - COMODO Internet Security ?
And did you performed the ‘clean installation’ of CSC we mentioned above?

Thank you.