System Cleaner crashes system

Alright lads, I recently got ahold of the latest version of CSC. I must say I’m quite disappointed. The thing is, why can’t you people properly test something before releasing it to the public? It’s not such a surprise to get so much negative feedback from the community if you do not properly test your app. To me it seems you guys are quite in a rush. Take it eeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasy. Take your time before releasing something. Have it undergo proper tests and when you feel the time is right, then release something. It’s not an option to come out with something new at any cost, even though you know the app has been kind of rushed and the results are rather unsatisfactory and you just unnecessarily get too much negative feedback and have even more work to regain your reputation and re-earn your trust by correcting the errors your app has caused.

As I said I recently installed the latest version of CSC. Even though I configured it the same way as the previous version, version 1,1,x, it totally crashed my XP Home system. Thank god there are system restore points!!!

A few suggestions: by default have the app with these options unchecked:

  • under the Privacy Cleaner tab: system backup files, printer spool files, driver cache files.
    (it’s a bit ■■■■■■■■ to have the app clean what you need the most - system restore points. Something goes wrong and you’re ■■■■■■■.)
  • Registry cleaner: from my own experience I know that checking these options: application paths, shared .dlls and system services will certainly, in most cases, ruin your system.

Overall the app needs a lot of testing and I got totally exhausted from re-installing my system all the time after using COMODO System Cleaner. So I said to myself what’s enough is enough! I will not stick to COMODO System Cleaner until I see only good comments on its address.


I have win xp home edition and my system woks fine, after cleaning with CSC. Check restore service, it’s possible to be closed; I’m sure that problem doesn’t occurred by scanning with CSC. Start restore service from administrative tools and after that scan again with CSC.
Please don’t be so …; this team compared with other work very hard.

First of all, we are really sorry about your disappointment on CSC and we hope we can change your opinion soon.
We would also like to point out that exhaustive testing is impossible and this type of software (cleaner) may react different on each and every computer. This depends on certain factors like personal programs installed by the user(software conflicts are always possible although they are unintended by their producers), patches or updates of Windows or other applications, personal settings used and so on.

That’s why your help is so highly appreciated ! We count on you, to report different issues that you encountered along with the other information that will help us create the test environment (the environment on which the defect produced).
As I mentioned before, CSC may react in different ways on different computers; this basically means that the configuration of each computer is like a new test scenario that we can’t always get to, but we count on your support.
So, thank you again for your support!

You said that you have certain settings that you also used for version 1.x.x.x of CSC.
Can you please tell us what are your settings? And what operations have you performed in CSC, scans and cleans or power clean, what are the modules and any other operations that will help us create the scenario in which your system crashed(this includes security software as well as other applications that you think might be worth mentioning)
Please provide us with the post memory dump, if you still have it and if this is the case(BSOD).

Thank you.

I used and still use only COMODO products, because I know they’re the best out there. The only disappointment lies with COMODO System Cleaner. I haven’t used any other System Cleaner before, only the predecessor of the latest version, which I found working settings on. Since I installed CSC 2,0 I experienced the following: system hung, connection to the internet was lost or continuously interrupted, after setting the memory optimization settings the PC hang on re-boot. The before mentioned I experienced also on my girlfriend’s computer, which I did a clean install of XP Home SP 2 on.

The settings I’ve used were:

Registry Cleaner:

  • all options except shared .dll’s, system services, application paths and in-depth scanning

Privacy Cleaner:

  • everything except BitComet and OpenOffice checked (Firefox remained unchecked)

Windows cleaning:

  • everything except spools drivers, system backups and driver cache checked

The computer went smooth and blazing fast.

But the latest version changes everything. I tried to set it to these settings and my computer almost crashed.

Right now I’m searching for the latest 1,x version which I had before. That one worked well.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Can someone confirm if this is the latest 1,x version? Freeware | Open Source Free Software

Hi Anathaen

That looks like the latest version.