System Cleaner can be dangerous

The comodo system cleaner (CSC) eliminated my Start Menu items (history of recently opened), now no new programs will appear or can I assign programs to this, and it also eliminated the “PIN to Start Menu” command from my drop down menu. The CSC would not restore from backup, and the System Restore would not restore. So I did a reinstall of Windows7 (not full), which still did not solve the problem, so now i have to reformat. Comodo Support was no help. Any register cleaner that would do this is not worth the risk of using. I have used several registry cleaners that have never done that. Also others are saying they are having problems too. So this is another uninstall (along with the constantly nagging Firewall) and a hellava lot of work to reform and reinstall my programs.

Why do you post this in off-topic and not CSC bug report?
With only 6 posts, you should have tried to ask for help instead of saying the support was useless…

hi.if it removed from the start menu then you probably told it to do so.what you should do is take a bit of time to familiarise yourself with any program you install.look and understand what the settings are.i believe your problem is caused by user error and not by the program itself.more often is the case that people are always in a hurry and mess things up.personally i use ccleaner and i occasionally examine the registry manually. :o

Actually, your recently opened history is a common thing for “maintenance” utilities such as this to wipe…

If you have the firewall set to Safe Mode using the Internet Security configuration, it shouldn’t be constantly nagging.

thumps up @Heffed

and @johnsmail

You sure you didn’t post this thread just to un-wittingly discredit the firewall??

Your apps and computer are your responsibility , otherwise every security company would need to have a tailor designed firewall for each user 88)

and also You could’ve used the Comodo support, and Geekbudy, …

and yes CSC gave me some hard time, but it would be highly immoral of me to say that Comodo did a bad job creating it, here’s my post