System Backups

I have a Gateway laptop running a 64 bit system and using Comodo IS-64 bit pgm. I also backup all data, etc nightly using the MicroSoft Backup/Restore onto an external hdrive.

The backup has been failing consistantly since the beginning of August. I reformatted the hd thinking there may have been some bad tracks, but to no avail.

Then I disabled the AV system and the backup ran to completion. My QUESTION is…

Why do I have to disable CIS for the system backup to run to completion. Is there a workaround or setting I need to establish to have the backup pgm run to completion without disabling CIS???

Ron Cichocki
Austin, Tx

Does CIS show anything in it’s logfiles for the AV or D+ ?

Have you ran a complete scan with the AV to see if it finds anything ?
Also depending on it’s settings D+ could be preventing the backup software to copy executables to “untrusted” external harddrives.
But in both cases there should be something there in the logfiles.

If you run the backup manually does it work and finish then ? Does CIS alert you in the mean time ?


I haven’t looked at any logs, not that I would understand them anyway. But, I was receiving the msg that ‘access is denied’ when trying to copy to my external hd. At least thats what I think it meant.

I downloaded Comodo Backup today, installed it and ran the backup. It took over 2 hrs to create the bkup files, and I didn’t have to turn the AV off.
So, why should one bkup work and the other doesn’t with AV turned on??

I have in the past couple of weeks run a scan and it found nothing.

Thanks for answering,

Ron Cichocki
Austin, TX

It’s not that the AV has to find something, and also not an option to disabled it during backups, i was looking for possibilities that could “block” the copy action from the backup, CBU is probably a trusted application for CIS, can you see if you can find the other backup executable on the Defense+ policy and see what it’s security setting is ? I think it’s best to set it to “Trusted Application”.

Like i thought the “Access Denied” is probably caused by Defense+ blocking the backup software to write files somewhere. What’s the security level of Defense+ ?


Defense+ set at ‘safe mode’; virus defense set as ‘on Access’.

I had run one(1) system backup using Comodo Bkup pgm. Last night I ran a Microsoft Backup/Restore to completion without failing. So I don’t know what I did or didn’t do, but I’ll watch it for a few days.

Thanks for your replies, its much appreciated.

Ron Cichocki
Austin, TX ;D :BNC

Hi Ron,

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