System Backup... Settings?

I’ve just installed CB 3.0

I see if I click on the “home” icon at the top there’s a “System Backup”
It’s not clear what the settings are for that backup.

My machine is a multi-boot, multiple disk system as I guess quite a few people’s are, so it would be useful to know what it actually backs up.


It backs up the system drive as cbu file.


Thanks Emanuel,
So is that the whole disk, or just the system drive partition?

I have a multi-boot system, and was trying to understand if single partition backup as “clone disk/partition” was a better option for OS recovery with TRack 0 and MBR

It’s a system partition backup as a cbu file.
If you want to use backup as “Clone disk/partition”, this is a mirror operation that overwrites the data on destination disk/partition.