SYSTEM Attemps to Receive Connection from another computer over the Internet?

Hello, I have just recently downloaded and installed COMODO Firewall onto my computer. I don’t have the AntiVirus, but I have Defense+ etc.

I have already allowed my safe programs to have clear access. However, now and again while using the internet I receive these Pop-ups from COMODO saying that The SYSTEM (which says its a safe application) is wanting to Receive a connection from another computer.

It says:
Source : - TCP
Port: MS-ds(445)

It says that if I am not sure what to do, I should block it. But thing is I don’t know if I should allow it cuz it may be just a normal website my computer is trying to access etc.

Any thoughts ? Is this pop-up from SYSTEM Trying to access internet/ another computer Normal??

Thanks a bunch for any help !! :slight_smile:

Excepting softwares only able to work on the computer offline, there’s no safe program in my opinion, and not system more than any other.

Please precise what protocols and ports are required, if you have a LAN, and if you are using a router (in this last event, isn’t the 10.0 adress the lan adress of the router (the range is private network class A adress, meaning that by definition it is unroutable on internet).

Ok well my internet provider is one of those USB portable ones you plug in and is wireless. Sorry I’m not really good at terms or anything. But my Wireless Network Connection and Local Area Connection are both disconnected on my computer.

The port the pop-up states is MS-ds(445) and Source is TCP

Sorry that’s all the information I can provide as it’s all I’m aware of.

I just need to know if it’s better that I Allow or Block these alerts.

It may be a normal connection, or it could be something malicious. I really am not sure :S Thanks for any help ! :slight_smile:

System is handling the possibility to share files and folders over a local network.

The traffic is coming from an address in the 10 range; this is one of the reserved IP ranges only to be used for local networks. Since this USB portable is your only connection that means that you are in a big local network with other users from your provider.

In that case you want to block that traffic as you don’t want to be sharing your files and folders with strangers.

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you need just “allow outgoing” rules for your needed programs. you get requested packets though!

usually you should “block anything ingoing”, in global rules. only if you run a server, you have to specify a bit more.
when YOU dont request something, then you should not allow that what is asking to coming in. simple question is: “why should you?”