system and operating system backup & restore?

Does Comodo Backup free-edition perform system imaging backuping and restoring? Just is not clear from the product descriptions; file backup is emphasised but not disk system and settings imaging, so I ask.

Yes, it can perform system imaging backup and restore.
If you select “Disk, partition & MBR” option, the resulting backup file will be a sector-by-sector image of the source disk/partition(s).


That is great. For clearer understanding, how does imaging the Master Boot Record help and what does it mean? Also what is the advantage and meaning of “sector by sector”? What happens if imaging is not done as sector by sector?

Master Boot Record is contains the boot record that is executed at system startup + partition table + next 62 secotrs that some programs use to write data (for example Comodo Disk Encryption, TrueCrypt, etc).

The base unit of a disk is a sector. By backing up using “sector by sector” method you are sure that all the information on that partition is backed up. It’s a raw way to backup a disk/partition and it doesn’t care what file system it has.
If you backup using “files and directories” option, access to some files/folders might be blocked because they are in use or you don’t have enough privileges to access them. Plus some file system specifc files might not be backed-up.
If you don’t care about stuff above you can use “files and directories” backup.


Can we then make a full system backup while Windows is running, since “some files” will be in use when Windows is running? If no, then the alternative is we must only do a full system backup from outside of the hard disc and of Windows; we would need to use like a rescue disc. (Naturally the question includes, can Comodo Backup create a rescue disc and this be used for creating a backup of a well-working computer?)

Yes, Comodo Backup can perform backups even if some files are in use.