System and Boot options in Autoruns/.../Driver Start/

I selected Autoruns/Services/VGA Display/Properties/Advanced/

I get the options to UNREGISTER or STOP. The Help manual shows only REGISTER.
That is a minor anomaly - but perhaps System Cleaner works differently with my old VGA system.

BIG PROBLEM with the control “Driver Start”.
I recognise the options Automatic and Disabled,
and guess that DEMAND corresponds to the XP services option MANUAL,
but I have never encountered SYSTEM as an option.

Do I correctly understand from your manual an implication that it is like AUTOMATIC but starts slightly earlier ?
What is meant by “The device driver started using this flag is NOT CRITICAL to the system boot” ?
Does the system boot up happily regardless of WHAT device driver is invoked ?
Does it mean the system will happily boot even if the device driver is missing ?

Against AUTOMATIC you say nothing about “NOT CRITICAL”.
Does this mean AUTOMATIC services are critical to success, and SYSTEM services are irrelevant ?

XP Services only offers me 3 options for starting *.exe type services, and does not do *.dll etc.
Cleaner offers me one extra option, SYSTEM, why - is this for *.sys ?

Why does Cleaner not offer the BOOT option described in the manual as
“BOOT - The device driver will be started by the operating system loader.”

Are there discrepancies between your manual and your cleaner,
or are they discrepancies between your assumed operating system and my XP Home edition ?

NB I originally installed Version=2.0.111095.7 which downloaded the help file,
which I have retained and moved into a new folder with an unzipped portable Version=2.1.114194.1



Regarding the “Driver Start” question:
→ Demand mode corresponds as you said to the option Manual available in Services
→ System mode refers to the fact that these kind of drivers typically rely on the services provided by the drivers loaded during the Boot Start. They are loaded during the load sequence of NT kernel initialization.

“The device driver started using this flag is NOT CRITICAL to the system boot” means that when you register a driver, among other things, a flag is set, which Windows verifies at boot. Depending on the flag’s state, it’s decided whether it’s critical to Windows boot or not. In this case, the driver set to System mode is not critical for Windows boot.

Thank you.

Thank you