system - TCPnbsess(139)

hi guys i just get firewall alert:
that system nbname(137) - UDP it was saying that safe application,N i about to receive connection from another computer so allow it.but now showed up another firewall alert again
-system - TCP port nbsess(139),it said that system is safe application,however,you are about to receive a connection from another computer
should i allow it or block it ???
if i allow it,i’m scare if another computer (the owner) can access my computer
but if block it,i’m scare if i can’t connect internet from the owner modem router,cuz i’m share the internet with him.
so please if any help that would be very helpful (i’m not IT guy so don’t understand about that stuff cuz now still learning computer even thought now i don’t know how to format my laptop if got virus inside it :embarassed:)
thanks in advance ;D

Ports 137 to 139 TCP/UDP are used for NetBIOS (Windows fire and printer sharing) If you don’t need this functionality, you can disable NetBIOS on the Network Adapter (see image)

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thanks a lot radaghast for the instruction.
sorry just another question,from what u said about the windows fire and printer sharing,it’s mean that i got 1printer and share with another computer ???,cuz i got printer and sometimes i used it when need it(unplug from laptop).
so if i disable netbios,i still can use my printer ???

If it in not a network printer but a printer that you connect directly to your PC, yes you can use it after disabling netbios.

You should install a free bacup & restore software like Paragon or Macrium. With them you’ll be able to make images of your system and restore them if you got infected. They allow you to come back in time, before the infection, and have a clean system without having to reformat your laptop and reinstall OS and softwares.

thanks boris 3 for the information,that was very helpful :-TU

hi guys i just get the message that my tcp is not compatible with your router,and the option said turn off the tcp setting that is not compatible with your router,
the question is should i turn it off,cuz i get to often disconnection from internet
and the other side is i try to install zune,but it said zune set up need active internet connection,so i click close and nothing happen(didn’t install)but now i’m still able to browsing,
thanks in advance

Sounds like you’ve made some changes? You’ll have to give us some more information.

well basically i didn’t change anything instead the net bios that u said to me,
so what kind information that i should give
from the one that i realize that the icon that should be simone p-c suddenly change to admin p-c
this the pic that i can show u