sysinternals showing Comodo going nuts.

I’ve noticed since I installed the firewall that my system process (not system idle) will keep a steady 5-10% of the cpu locked after I game. At first, I thougth it might have been NOD32 being bleh-ish and not agreeing with Steam(VALVE) like so many other apps I have had problems with in the past. Though, after looking and trolling on the net for a good hour, I cam across a microsoft program called sysinternals, which shows you what is being used by what.

Now, this thing is screaming with this

could that be causing the system to spike in usage? Or am I still barking up the wrong tree? and if so, is there any way for it not to pull on it at all?

Curious. Filemon showing Explorer excessively reading the entire contents of Comodo’s .EXE file.

This is generally the sort of thing Anti-Virus software would do.

I know. Maybe a conflict between nod and comodo?

just did a fresh restart. “System” process taking 0%, and still getting the same chatter from sysinternal.

I’m going to bed on this one. Maybe I’ll wake up and remember some simple step.

update: Its back down to being Comodo. I uninstalled the program, and system hasnt given me a problem since.

any input, ideas? did i block something i shouldnt have?

Because the reads are being initiated by explorer, all I can figure is an anti-virus software is causing it, or you’re trying to launch Comodo an infinite number of times. :S

Try sysinternal’s Process Explorer to see which application is controlling Explorer, perhaps.