SysInternals Process Explorer v14x - Trusted but still blocked

Even though SysInternals Process Explorer is recognized as a Trusted executable, it is still logged as Blocked for “Access Memory” to CMDAGENT.EXE. I have not found a way to adjust this. Since SystInternals PE is constantly running, Comodo is constantly blocking & logging it.

Thank you for any assistance.

Running Win 7 x64 SP1.

check it :;msg499766#msg499766

*PE : process explorer.

I’ll post that over at SysInternals and see what the response is.

Trusted Applications are allowed many things but having memory access to Protected Files and Folders is one of the things it is not allowed to.

If you wish to get rid of these messages and ‘trust’ the application you can add them to the “Comodo group” protection exceptions.
The entries you are seeing is CIS protecting it’s self from being attacked in this case by PE, as PE doesn’t back-off on processes that are loaded but not accessible you keep getting log entries for it.

To allow this go to Defense+ → Computer Security Policy → select Comodo Group → Customize → Protection settings → Interprocess memory access → Modify.

And add the process there, then the logging should disappear.

Ronny, v5.4.189822.1355 does not appear to have the “Customize” option.

Screenshots would help.

Thank you for the response.

If you follow this route you should be able to ‘add’ an exception.

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Ahhh! Thank you VERY much!

I have applied the change as instructed, let’s see if that lessens the CPU usage :slight_smile:

Beware I had issues with PE 14.x showing to much cpu usage, I switched back to 12.x and it was all back to normal… (comparable to taskmgr and proceshacker etc).

Well, it hasn’t been PE that’s been using all the CPU for me, it’s either CFP.EXE or CMDAGENT.EXE (usually CFP)

So far Comodo crashed the first time I tried to apply the change. I’m trying it again and it appears locked, so I’m just waiting on it.

Thanks Ronny!!! :-TU

The problem remains unsolved. Entering the exceptions helps, but is not the solution.
Sysinternals Process Explorer v.15.0