SynTPHelper freeze when Defense alert pops up

I have Windows 7 64 bit and Comodo 3.14130099.587 as my firewall. When the Defense + alerts shows in yellow that SynTPHelper.exe is being used for example in a program or on the net, the alert pops up and I cannot use this digital mouse that is attached to my laptop HP HDX 16. I was wondering if there was a way to set it so that this message never pops up. Automatically checked off “remember my answer” is already checked when message comes up but I cannot check the “allow” button as it is frozen. I have to wait until the message disapears and I then can use my cursor.

What do you suggest?


Go to Defense+ / My Own Safe Files. Then add the file in question to your safe files. You should receive no more alerts for it.

Another thing to try would be to set Defence+ into “Training Mode” then do everything will the digital mouse which CIS should then learn. Then set Defence+ back to your previous level (Clean, Safe or Paranoid).