SynTPEnh.exe Scroll Problems

I read the other threads regarding this problem, & none of the “solutions” were of any help. Here is my problem. From a fresh install of the latest CIS, my laptop’s touchpad scroll “wheel” will not register at all. When I attempt to scroll the little pointer with mini scroll bar pointer icon comes up on the screen like normal, but the scroll does not work, nor does it result in a pop up from CIS, as it did in those other threads that I read. Simply nothing happens.

Now I did the obvious things of adding the vendor to safe list in Defense+, as well as adding the .exe to safe list, as well as trying to manually set the access rights for the .exe file. I really like this product, but I can’t possibly go on without my touchpad scroll. lol

Can someone steer me in the right direction to fix this problem ?

Thank you.

Please post a screen shot of any relevant D+ logs. If the file, or any file that runs it, is being sandboxed, then the FAQ on removing individual applications from the sandbox will help.


Sorry I havn’t replied until now. The problem was my own error. This is the first time I ever installed Comodo & I didn’t let Comodo learn the processes I normally use, which is why my scroll didn’t work. I re-installed Comodo & set it to “learn” & all is well.

Thanks for your reply though.