SynTPEnh.exe freezes computer when comodo asks about it

This particular process seems to be associated with the touchpad on IBM R60 laptops. In particular, I believe the scrolling function and tapping function on the touchpad. At times (random they seem) Defense+ tells me that this process is trying to interact with the screen or keyboard or something. Either way, the second the popup from defense+ comes up the mouse freezes and a restart is required to fix it.

I’ve already added as a trusted application in the firewall (I selected it from running processes option under trusted app. menu. Do I need to exclude it from defense+ somehow? If so, how? If you can, explain it step by step as I have no idea how to work defense+ right now.

I’m running Win. XP SP2 with nod32 and BOClean running in real time.


i’m having the same problem. i’ve added it to the trusted applications, so that i can avoid the freezing problem whilst i figure the problem out, but the problem still remains. i’m working with a usb mouse at the moment to avoid the problem, but i can’t figure it out. please help!

Hi there, I have actually found a solution to this problem thanks to another user. Please see it here:;msg109993#msg109993

I used it and it solved my problem completely. Let us know how it works out for you please.