SynTPEnh.exe and Defense+ Help Please!!

Hey everyone, hope all is well here, and not too many complaints? This truly is a great program.

My problem seems to be this: SynTPEnh.exe creates an alert on defense+. It’s saying that this process is “…trying to modify the user interface of another application…”. This isn’t appearing in the logs of defense+ either or the firewall, probably because the PC freezes as soon as the pop up appears.

Anyway, so this is my problem. As soon as the pop up in defense+ for this process SynTPEnh.exe appears my computer locks up. Once again, the pop up informs me that the process is attempting to modify the user interface of another application and everything is dead. Restart is required.

In reading the posts here I attempted to fiddle around with the rules for this process as follows:

In Defense+ → Defense+ tasks → Advanced → Computer Security Policy → Click on process → edit → use a custom policy → access rights → I have it set to allow Computer Monitor, Disk, Keyboard, and Interprocess Memory Accesses.

Is there anything else I need to allow? I can’t figure out another place to allow anything. Please help, I need my computer to function and not freeze randomly.

Oh, in case this helps the process appears to be related to the touchpad on IBM laptops. I believe it deals with issues like tapping and scrolling with the mouse. Maybe with its functionality in general.

I’m running Windows XP Pro, BoClean, Nod32, obviously CPF all in real time. Nothing else. Never had this problem before. It occurs randomly and it seems sporadically, but at least once a day. Anything else I can provide please let me know.


Any help out there please? I’d like to keep defense+ enabled but I can’t deal with PC freezing at will.


Do you have the firewall set to Training Mode on Defense+? This should see it and then allow it to do whatever it needs to do. You might need Training Mode for the Firewall also. You should reboot on that so it will be sure and take.


I have a screenshot of syntpenh.exe you are missing Windows Messages which is the only one you need.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Jasper, I have defense+ set to “train with safe mode”, the default setting.

Dennis, I followed your screen shots. I really hope it works. Thanks a lot for bothering to post them. I just need my pc to stop freezing.

I will reboot and see what happens.