syncronize mode

I recently downloaded and installed your backup software. I have not used backup software before, and have had some issues setting it up.

Comodo 1.04.007, Windows xp media service pack 3

  1. I started off (under the advice of a pro) doing a full backup every time I back up. This takes two hours, I do not see the purpose of spending two hours a day to back up files I have not changed. His reasoning behind a full back up every time is that you only have one file to restore from. My question then is when in synchronize mode does the software over write the existing file or will it create new files? Does it matter if you restore from Comodo backup?

  2. While in synchronize mode, if I remove a file from my origin folder will the software automatically delete the file in the destination folder

  3. I am backing up to a large flash drive. Do I need to install Comodo backup to that flash drive to do a restore from incase of a computer crash? or would I need to download it again?

  4. I noticed that the only option I have for backing up Outlook is the inbox. I really want to back up all the mailboxes as well as the calendar, address book… Currently I am using a second back up software to back up excel to the my documents folder and then backing up my documents with Comodo. (the other software will not back up to a flash drive).

I like this software and I believe it will do a good job for me, I just need to figure out how to use it in the moste productive manner possible.

Sync will overwrite file, you always have only the latest file on destination.

Unfortunatly, sync will not propagate file deletion, that was asked many times to be added for a futrure version. I’m back after 2 months and I see there is a v2 but no word of a sync mode and they don’t reply when we ask about this, I’m trying to figure out why a legitimate question remain ignored.

I myself sync my Outlook folder, you need to add it manually and it works well.