Synchronizing my computer clock via internet

I have tried to set up my computer clock to synchronize automatically when I am connected to the internet. When I do a manual test, to see if I have a connection, I get the following error message: ‘An error occurred getting the status of the last synchronzation. The RPC server is unavailable’. I am not sure if my Comodo firewall (V2.4.18.184 database version 3.0) is blocking the connection - it does not give any warning but the Windows Help and Support Center gives firewall blocking as a possible cause of connection failure. If this is the case, how do I set the Comodo Firewall to allow the connection?

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Start → Run → Services.msc → (Look for Windows Time)

The status should be running, and start-up should be automatic. ← this is to allow time sync

This might fix the problem, If that doesn’t help you’ll have to wait till another Comodo member helps you with V2. Because I’ve only used V3

Thanks Kyle. I ran Services.msc as you suggested and Windows Time is set for automatic synchronization so perhaps it has been operating all along.

Why I asked the original question is that I have been running a third party clock synchronization package but have decided to streamline my system startup and disable or remove unnecessary items. I looked at the Windows clock ‘Date and Time Properties’/‘Internet Time’ tab - the ‘Automatically synchronize with an Internet time server’ statement was not checked. If I check the statement and then click the ‘Update Now’ button, I get the error message I mentioned earlier. I have left the staement checked and have clicked the ‘Apply’ button to see if this generates any error at my next startup.

Ohh so your trying to get your computer running as Light as possible using only the services and programs you need?

This is a great site that I have used!

When I start my pc up I’m only using 167 mb :slight_smile: ← with security apps

Some people have gone even further… Using NLITE

Remember there is no knowing what could happen with you mess with those sorts of things, So be careful and good luck :slight_smile:

Hi Kyle,

I’ve just looked at the eldergeek site. Could be useful in many respects so I’ve made a note of it - thanks for the tip.

I’m approaching the streamlining of startup with caution and initially only disabling programs I’ve installed or I’m absolutely sure are not vital.

Is the RPC service running? Follow Kyle’s instructions for services.msc but look for the two "remote procedure call (RPC) entries.