Synchronized copy


I’ve installed Comodo Backup 2.1.118414.11.

Last week I made I Simple Copy (so not a CBU file but the original files) of the files on Drive E on my external USB. Took 2 hours running time.

I’ve also scheduled to make a Synchronized copy of this drive E every 5 minutes.
a) nohing happens after 5 minutes last week
b) today I did complete a full Synchronized copy manually and this also took 2 hours. I thought that Synchronized Copy only would add/delete the files that are new or deleted. I’ve only added 5 files last week so in my idea this shouldn’t take 2 hours.

How can I make this work properly?


as far as i am aware synchronised copy doesn’t properly work in this version.

Synchronized copy will be fixed in the next release.


Even a ballpark figure??

I have a lot of install waiting for synchronisation (and incrementals) to be implemented.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Okay; thanks.
when will this release be available?

Probably, in a few weeks

Excellent news!!

Will this update also include incrementals??

incrementals will be available in a future version.

any update on the availability of the “Synchronized Copy” option?
I downloaded comodo backup yesterday, and i am not sure it works properly. the “Schedule Backup” option is gray out when selecting “Synchronized copy” format.

I am using Windows 7 ultimate.

a side note, I find Comodo Backup so much more transparent and efficient than the built-in Windows 7 backup tool. Thanks for making it available.

Synchronized backups cannot be scheduled.
You can just set the number of minutes to synchronize in backup step 2.


thanks for the quick reply.

How does it work then?
Do I have to keep Comodo open?

Nope you do not need to have Comodo backup open, The Comodo backup process will start automatically and copy the files across in the intervals your specify once the job is made.

is a list of those schedule tasks for comodo kept somewhere?
how can I disable the task later on?

All scheduled tasks are kept in registry.
If you want to disable scheduled tasks, you can rename the “ScheduleList” key into something else, then, when you need the scheduled tasks, just rename it back.
But this method can create unexpected behavior, so the best way to do it is to edit each scheduled tasks in Schedule TAB and switch them to “Manually”

I’ve been a Comodo Backup user with an earlier version for quite a while. With that one, it was possible to select “run backup now” (as I think it was called). It appears this is no longer available, and if this is the case, I’m very disappointed.

As a serious photographer with over 500 GB of files to back up, it is essential to be able to run backups on demand. An automatic every 5, 10 or 60 mins. etc, is really dangerous in this case, as if I deleted a file by accident, Comodo backup would (I presume) delete the copy on the backup drive, and then the photo’s gone forever.

Is there really no other option for those with needs such as mine? If the answer is no, I would ask why Comodo is no longer taking into consideration these needs. Seems like a backward step to me.

By the way, in any case, with the synchronized backup I have scheduled, I can’t see a way to change the time interval in the Schedule tab, as suggested above in this thread.


Hey Andrew,

Go through the steps to create a backup job and when on the SCHEDULE screen, select manual. This will create the job definition and it will show in the scheduled backups list. To run the backup whenever you feel like it, click the SCHEDULE tab at the top of the Backup window, select the job we just defined and click RUN NOW.

Alternatively, select the job and then click EXPORT TO SCRIPT. This will create a script file that can simply be placed in a convenient location and double clicked to execute.

By the way, in any case, with the synchronized backup I have scheduled, I can't see a way to change the time interval in the Schedule tab, as suggested above in this thread.

Synchronised backups ARE NOT scheduled backups.

When you select SYNCHRONISED COPY, there is an option to select how frequently it synchronises at the bottom of that screen. Continue setting the sync job up and do nothing on the SCHEDULE screen. The sync job will run and do a full backup of the selected files/folders from the selected source to the destination. Then, at the interval specified when the job was set up, it will compare the destination to the source and update the destination folder with any new files in the source folder.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:


Synchronized backups run automatically every number of minutes you select in backup step 2.
If you want to “run now” a specific backup, then you need to schedule it without selecting synchronized copy.
The next release will introduce the possibility to “sync now” a specific synchronized backup.


It appears every time a synchronized job starts/runs (every 5min) that my PC freezes for 5 to 20s.

For your info, I am using a USB Drobo as a target of my Comodo backup.

i have the exact same thing.

Umm, this is to be expected - there is a backup job running in the background. If the backup job was manually executed, you would experience the same slowdown while it was running in the foreground.

Where a background sync backup can induce a noticeable lag is when it is syncing a folder that contains a large number of files. This is because the source folder and the destination folder have to be parsed to determine whether anything has changed. You could define multiple sync jobs that each include a range of filenames and set these to go off at different intervals. This could reduce the lag.

As a possible alternative for the future, when the version that implements incremental backups arrives (hopefully next beta), you could schedule service based incremental backups. If they do it right, this would only need to scan the source folder for changes, which should be quicker. Please note I’m reading between the lines here and could be totally wrong. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile: