Synchronized copy if computer is turned off

I am new to CB; I really like it am running it on two computers. One is running Win XP Pro SP3. The other is a new HPE 140f running Win 7 Home premium.

I am already running a Synchronized copy on the Win 7 machine to copy to its own external HD, and am interested in running a synchronized copy on the XP machine to copy to the HD attached to the Win 7 machine across the Home LAN. From reading the user’s manual, I realize that I will need to turn the UAC off in order to run the synchronized copy. I have 2 questions, the first one more straightforward, and the other more complex. I will be very happy to receive an answer to the first one, even if I do not get any help on the more complex one.

  1. If the computer from which the files are being copied is turned off, will the Synchronized copy pick back up once it is turned back on, or will that terminate the synchronized copy job? What if the computer goes into sleep mode over night?

  2. Can you see any problems (other than turning off the UAC) to doing a synchronized copy across that home LAN? I have the computers connected to a common Workgroup and they can share files with each other in either direction.

Thank you so much (in advance) for any help you can give on either of these questions.

  1. it should resume fine once it is turned back on. What might happen is that it will end the job and restart it as another job once you boot up, but it will not copy any of the files it has already done from the first job.

  2. I don’t see any problems doing it that way, the program is made to do this type of work.

Thank you very much Languy99 for the speedy and thorough reply to my questions. That encourages me to use Comodo Backup more. I have also gotten other products written by Comodo. I am very pleased with your company. Thanks again. ;D