Synchronize files?


I recently downloaded and registered Comodo, as I was looking for a backup solution for a coworker of mine. I have a few questions about synchronization.

I was able to set up a synchronize to a network computer, and my files synced, but then I noticed i had 600 mb of files, and decided to clean some up. I was able to delete, and then backup ran its sync but didnt delete the files on the server.

If, or when, are the files deleted on server after being deleted on client?



I was also testing Email notifies on incremental and full backups. I’d like to be able to do a backup every hour, but would only like to send an email when files were modified. Could you possibly add an option for that?


Since you asked for a new feature, which i think it is quite nice and handy, i will do the same.

Is it possible to make a backup from an FTP Server (as a source) and store it somewhere?

This would be also very handy if you then could synchronize the FTP with your backup to copy new/modified files.

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P.S. - Greenday8514 are you running incremental backup for this job?
I think the best thing you can do is to plan very carefully which backup files/folders you need to backup before you run the backup job.

At this point if i were you, i would clear all the backup files in the server, and create a new backup job for only the files you really need.

I hope this info can help you in any way.

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I’m not sure what type of backup solution you are trying to come up with, but I’ll let you know what I had done (before Comodo Backup).

My LG DVD burner supports DVD-RAM media (maybe most do, but I know for sure mine does) which basically makes the disc behave like a 4GB floppy, add/remove files at will.

So I build a couple batch files knowing that I needed to backuip 8GB over 2 disks. Each file contained a few calls to ROBOCOPY (part of the Resource Kit Tools) which supports a “mirror” function…

The batch calls look like…

robocopy “D:\My Downloads” “E:\My Downloads” /s /mir

The script behaviour becomes…

  • 1st run, the script copies all files/subdirectories onto my DVD-RAM (E) media for the specified path
  • on subsequent runs of the script (after I have added, deleted and/or changes the files are subdirectories to the source folder) the batch files will add new content to , remove missing content from, and skip unmodified content on the DVD-Ram drive (destination)

Is this what you meant by synchronization?