Synchronize files / exclude files

Here is the scenario:

I am trying to restore to baseline on every reboot, but I want to keep CIS AV updates.

I scheduled a restore on start and asked to synchronize bases.cav. After reboot, the baseline was restored, but the synch failed as it could not find the file.

So I scheduled a snapshot on boot as well as a restore to baseline. Again, after reboot the baseline was restored and an attempt to synch bases.cav was made. This time I got a message saying that the file was in use and could not be restored.

This brings me to the conclusion that the synch should happen on boot, before the OS starts to avoid files being used. Also the possibility of excluding files and folders may be a preferable way over synchronizing in this instance.

I also noticed that there is no option to take a snapshot on shutdown or logoff. This could be preferable to taking the snapshot on boot in some instances.

Love the Time Machine, it is a great bit of software.


Open Program Settings , enable “Take a snapshot of the system on startup” option. How do you think so?

Thanks Flykite, but I was saying that I would also like to have have the option of taking the snapshot on shutdown or logoff rather than startup…