Synchronize backup to network - slows computer

I’m trying to use the Synchronize option in Comodo Backup to regularly backup my email regularly to my Netware server. When the transfer is taking place (it takes a couple of minutes because of the large mailboxes) it slows the computer noticeably and brings my network connection (100Mbit) to it’s knees (basically I can’t access the network drive.) Is there a way to set the priority on the job to low or idle so that it won’t take over the machine during backup?



I’m an idiot. It’s right in front of me under Options. I’ll give it a try.


I’m having the same behavior, even decreasing the Processor Usage and Network Usages ettings inside Comodo Backup.
My computer, a brand new i3 with 4Gb of RAM running Win 7 and it simple freezes during the backup execution.
I only see this behavior when Comodo is running as a service, by that I mean the GUI is not open.
Any clues?
Unfortunately this behavior made me stop using it, but I really what to see it fixed because I like the software a lot!

Thanks in advance,


The problem will be fixed in the next release.


Any news when will it be released?
Unfortunately I had to disable Comodo Backup since it was creating problems with this behavior.
Any workaround we can do to keep using it without this issue until next release fixes it?

Thanks a lot!

You can set the priorities of the jobs to low in backup step 4.
There isn’t an exact date for the next release, possibly at the beginning of the next month.


I’m having the same problem. I love the interface, but I just can’t use Comodo Backup until that bug is fixed. My i7 gets so slow that I just can’t stand it.


Please open task manager and let us know which Comodo process/service is consuming processor.
Also please let us know your Comodo Backup version and what Windows you have.