Synchronising to USB key

As outlined in a different post, I have had to resign myself to not being able to backup to a DVD (I have to use SyncBack for that), however I am also having trouble with synchronising my files and folders between the hard drive and the USB key. As I understand it, files on the hard drive are automatically synchronised with files on the USB as I save them. I assumed that I would not have to actually do anything. As it is I find on checking the backup files that they haven’t changed and that I have to open Comodo and run them manually. Am I doing something wrong?

The backup service has to be running, th ewindows task Scheduler service has to be running and the sync job has to be defined under an admin login.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks Ewen. I am new to Comodo Backup and did not see any of the options you mentioned while setting up my synch job. Usually I right click to run as Administrator. Is that what I do here, and if so where? How do I ensure that the backup service is running? Also the Task Scheduler service.
The manual imples that synchronisation is set and forget and doesn’t mention scheduling. I thought that files would be synchronised as I saved them.