Sync using SHA1?

Hello, I was wondering if you use the SYNC function with a local folder to the COS, does it use SHA1?

I ask because I was uploading 3,20GB and it stopped the SYNC when it was on 3,00GB.
And then I got the green check saying it was syncronized, but obviously 200MB were missing.

The reason was that COS updated itself while syncronizing.
And asked me to restart computer. I did and I want to finish the 200MB missing to upload.

What do I do? Can I unsync the folder and then again sync?
Will it start from zero or it will check every single file to see if something is missing?

Thanks in advance.

Well, when I try to unsync and then again sync the same folder (leaving whats already uploaded at the COS account) it crashes.

Guess I will have to delete all GBs and reupload. :embarassed: