Sync to multiple locations

hey guys using comodo backup on my home file server to make a mirror or sync copy of everything on drive a to drive b which is my backup for this have been going into other profiles and using sync data but what i want to do is on my pc is set it to sync my folder of videos over the lan to drive a

and also my photos to drive a they are not in the same folders how do i setup sync for videos then setup sync for photos as it looks like you can only set one sync at a time and to save the source and destination folders in that sync data do you have to click synchronize now or does it save automatically once you have select source and destination and interval to perform sync is there a somewhere i can see what profiles i have setup

also after setting the sync if i close the program will it still run and sync in the background as process in the task manager or something

You can use inclusion filters for this, but you have to manually define the filters, the source and the destination for each sync operation.

If you use version 3.0, yes.
By default, it runes every 5 minutes.