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Just started to play around with Backup and like it so far :slight_smile: One quick query about synchronisation mode. Does it initially only sync the source and destination on a change in the source files? If that is the case, wouldn’t it be good to include the option (Synchronize Now?) on creating the job so that some form of backup was done. Otherwise you could create a backup job but not use the program it was sync’ing for a week or more and it wouldn’t have been backed up at all during that time.

Maybe I missed the option to do this?

As soon as the sync job runs for the first time, the destination will not contain the files that are in the origin folder, so it will backup them up. In other words, it will do a fuill backup the first time it is run.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I’ve set the synch destination as a folder on a NAS drive, but nothing’s appeared there. If I set the destination as a folder on the local hard drive C:\ then it behaves perfectly. Any ideas?

edit - I changed the backup type from ‘service’ to ‘user’ and it kicked in on the NAS straight away. Will this work for whoever is logged into this machine, even if they don’t have admin priviledges?

I’ve set a UNC path to the destination, so it’s irrespective of user mappings, but may not run if it needs to log into the NAS. Can I set login credentials for network backup destinations, so it’s transparent to the user?

Very good point, as NAS type devices are going to become more commonplace.

Can you please go to, register if you haven’t already done so (your forum rego doesn’t count) and lodge a support ticket on this.

Also, can you please report the results back here, fro the benefit of others.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Many thanks Ewen - just done. Will report back as requested.


Response from support:
“At this time there is no such options available. It might be added in the next releases.”

At least the issue is raised. Still leaves me with a problem tho’. I’m using a LaCie Ethernet Disk mini as a NAS backup device for my home network PCs. It works ok if I manually invoke the backup, making sure that I’m logged onto the NAS first. It just can’t be done seamlessly in synch mode yet (:SAD).

Thanks for posting the results back here John. Pull up a deck chair and wait with the rest of us. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile: