SYNC feature....what security against malicious software transferance?

The reason I asked is I just went through a real eye opener with another browser (Chrome) while using their SYNC feature.
I was downloading a movie from a site called Putlocker, they insisted I use their download manager which had may features of which were search and toolbars, they were Whitesmoke, Conduit and Iminent, but it also allowed you to uncheck the boxes if you didn’t want them and move on, unfortunately it still downloaded these features.
Here’s where it gets interesting:
All three features did have an uninstall feature that got rid of them UNTIL SYNC updated and back they came.
I did run a virus and malware check and it showed nothing.
The ultimate result is if you do not remove these files they quickly slow online performance ultimately to a crawl.
These malicous programs effect all browsers with SYNC… IE, Firefox, Chrome (Comodo) and Safari and do the same thing on all, the moment SYNC updates they are back!
The problem is, I can’t see what files are stored in the SYNC so I can’t stop it from happening again and with things like your Google account so interconnected, turning sync off is like russian roulette.

…anytime you download, or try to download copyrighted content of any kind, or do anything of any kind, in regards to “getting away with it”, be it, audio, video, programs, that somebody else has the rights to, & you’re trying to “get away with it” for free, be it torrent, magnet, so called “cloud” files, gnutella, newsgroups, (they’re all the same thing from the same place - some other guy’s infected computer), or, WHATEVER, you’re asking for trouble, & you’ll get it in one form, or one way, or another. You might “get away with it” for awhile, but, remember to do this - when you least expect it…EXPECT IT…

You missed the entire point which is the buggs now have a safe haven to hide… in the SYNC Cloud and there is no way to get rid of them!

Comodo Dragon uses the same sync as Google Chrome does I believe.

If something like this happens you can always turn off individual things to be synced, for example you could turn off extensions by going to Settings > Advanced sync settings > Choose what to sync > untick Extensions.

If you want to clear out the “buggs” completely from the sync data then you can go to Settings > Google Dashboard. > Stop and Clear. I don’t know if you can clear just individual things. However I’ve noticed that if I delete extensions from my web-browser then that won’t be installed upon re-syncing.

I looked over the dashboard but unfortunately it lacked enough file details to be sure anything would be truly removed so I set up a new account and will try that, anything odd happens I can dump that account and start another but for now I am sticking with Opera as they do not hold Extensions on their servers, they are held on the users machine.