Sync doesn't really work

I use a PC and notebook CD on both, both are set up to sync with the same google account, but changes (in bookmarks for example) done on one CD doesn’t reflect on the other (i’ve waited for 20 mins), unless you turn off the sync and turn it on again. Only for that one time bookmarks are synced.

I too have experienced this issue since upgrading to 18. Bookmarks will only sync if I either disconnect and reconnect my Google Account, OR if I go to the Advanced settings under Personal Stuff > Sign In and change the settings for what to sync by changing from “Sync everything” to “Choose what to sync”, then uncheck the “Bookmarks” box, click OK, then back into Advanced to check the “Bookmarks” box again.

I run CD on 5 different computers of various Windows OS flavors, and none sync properly. I WILL say that on 2 of the machines, when I upgraded from 16 to 18, the syncing was disabled when it was previousy enabled. I did not encounter that issue when I upgraded the other 3 machines from 17 to 18.